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Telemar Norge AS delivers communication and navigation systems to the maritime market, to professional users, to yachtsmen as well as the landmobile users of satellite communications.

We are a part of the Telemar Group On Board Service Center for all SAILOR and Cobham Satcom products.

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Telemar Norge AS

Telemar Norge AS leverer kommunikasjon og navigasjonsutstyr til hele det maritime markedet.Både fritidsbåter og store skip.

Av annet utstyr vi leverer, kan blant annet nevne satellitt-TV, Vsat, AIS, GPS,BNWAS, VDR, ECDIS og landmobil.

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VHF Radio Communication

When it comes to VHF radio, professional mariners trust SAILOR. VHF is one of the most important safety and operational tools for any professional or leisure vessel, so it is vital that you choose a system designed to work in the often harsh maritime environment.

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Satellite TV Marine

The KVH TracVision® Satellite TV Antenna Systems, the world's most popular and powerful family of DVB®-compatible, fully stabilized marine satellite TV systems, brings you digital satellite TV entertainment, including HDTV, whether you're relaxing at anchor or cruising offshore

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SAILOR® FleetBroadband

SAILOR FleetBroadband is the new benchmark for broadband Internet at sea and standard IP applications.

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Fleet Tracking

LocPoint Marine SSAS
As a professional fleet tracking/management application, LocPoint Marine handles alarms from SSAS.

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IRIDIUM Maritime

IRIDIUM provides voice, messaging and data services through a constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites.

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MF/HF Radio Communication

For any vessel sailing international trading routes or working offshore, an MF/HF radio is a vital piece of equipment as it offers long range radio communication.

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New Touchscreen SAILOR® 6007 Message Terminal

It is a pleasure to inform you of a unique new product from Thrane & Thrane. The first of its kind – SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal.

The SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal is a dedicated maritime PC and message terminal which has been designed to provide a single solution for a variety of reporting and communication applications such as E-Log, Vessel Management Systems and Communications management. Although the reporting functionality makes it ideally suitable for professional fishing vessels, it also offers a range of other functionalities relevant to the merchant vessel market.

Through a simple to use touch-screen or keyboard and mouse interface, the SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal is a single station for all reporting including Electronic Logbooks and Vessel Monitoring that professional fishing vessels are required to perform by law. The SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal is tested with the major E-Log client proprietors, SiriusIT and OLRAC. Additional types will also be tested when available, but as the SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal meets the basic requirements all new clients will likely be compatible.

The SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal also provides additional communications functionality when integrated to the vessel's satcoms system, and can for instance, act as an email terminal. What really sets the SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal apart from other marine PCs is that it has been built to withstand the harsh marine environment, with features such as a Flash hard drive, high IP rating and NMEA interface. It also boasts a high level of maritime approvals and testing including CN114 and IC945.

Although merchant vessels are not required to provide the same reporting as fishing vessels, we are confident that the extra communications functionality, and the fact that it features a number of connections that enable the SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal to connect with on board systems, will ensure acceptance by professional, non-fishing users.

As the first SAILOR dedicated message terminal and marine PC, we have ensured that the SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal offers a wide range of benefits over standard PCs and existing reporting systems for fishing vessels. The touch-screen interface is one such benefit, as it enables the user to quickly and easily carry out reporting and communication tasks, therefore leaving more time for other critical jobs on board. Even when using a SAILOR or standard keyboard and mouse, the SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal provides a straightforward interface to make reporting and everyday computing tasks easier and more reliable, because it is built for the maritime environment.

For any further questions pleasedo not hesitate to contact us.

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Telemar Norge

Telemar Norge AS - Østensjøveien 19 - N-0661 Oslo - Phone +47 22 72 60 60