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         SAILOR SE-II / SGE-II
         SAILOR® 5051
         More than an ECDIS
      Echo Sounder
         Echo Sounder
         HE-7300Di Color
         PS-7 Portable
         PS-7FL Portable
         TD 21B 1kW
         TD 66B 1,5kW
         TD 67T 1,8kW
         GPS/DGPS System
            GPS/DGPS System
         Sailor 656x GNSS System
            Sailor 656x GNSS System & Basic
         Sailor 657x DGNSS System
            Sailor 657x DGNSS System & Basic
      Digital Compass
         Azimuth 1000 Black
         Azimuth 1000 White
         Datascope OBSOLETE
         Digital compasses
         BLACK BOX Radar System
      VDR / S-VDR
         VDR / S-VDR
         Sirius-3 GMDSS Navtex
            Sirius-3 GMDSS Navtex
         Sailor 6391 Navtex System
            Sailor 6391 Navtex System
         SAILOR SP3515
         SAILOR SP3510
         Sailor Portable Series
         Sailor 6249 Survival
         Sailor 6222 DSC Class A
         Sailor 6217 AIS/DSC
         Sailor 6215 DSC
         UHF Fire Fighter
         SAILOR SP3520
         SAILOR SP3500 ATEX
         Sailor 6248
         Sailor 6210
         Accessories for SP3500 Series
         VHF Communication
         Sailor A4 Console
         Sailor A3 Console
         Sailor A2 Console
         Sailor 6350 MF/HF
         Sailor 6320 MF/HF
         Sailor 6310 MF/HF DSC Class A 150W
         SAILOR® 6310 MF/HF DSC Class A 150 W
         MF/HF Radio Communication
         MF/HF Radio Communication
         GMDSS systems for World-wide communication and safety
         Camino-701 AIS
         SAAB R5 AIS
         Sailor 6280/6281
      Sailor FleetBroadBand
         SAILOR® FleetBroadband
      Satellite Landmobile
         Mobile solutions
         Ship Security Alert System
         VHF antenna
         MF/HF antenna
         GPS antenna
      Active Antennas
         Active antenna
      Active combined VHF/GPS
         Combined VHF/GPS
   Fleet Tracking
      Fleet Tracking
   SAT TV Marine
      Satellite TV Marine
   Sat TV Landmobile
      Satellite TV Landmobile
      TracPhone V7 Mini VSAT
   PELTOR Headsets
      PELTOR MT7H79A Headset
   Mounting solutions
      Mounting solutions


   New Message Terminal from SAILOR
   Introducing SAILOR FleetBroadband 150
   New Launch Date for the Inmarsat-4 F3 Satellite
   NEW Portable UHF from SAILOR
   IMO ESAS Validation
   Sailor FleetBroadband 250 og 500 fra Thrane & Thrane

   Nor-Fishing Trondheim
   NorShippng Lillestrøm

         Downloads / Brochures / Antennas
         Downloads / Brochures / Danelec
         Downloads / Brochures / Entel
         Downloads / Brochures / Hondex
         Downloads / Brochures /  Iridium
         Downloads / Brochures / KVH
         Downloads / Brochures / SAAB
      Sailor by Cobham
         Downloads / Brochures / Sailor
         Downloads / Brochures / Sirius
   User Manuals
      Danelec Marine
         Downloads / User Manuals / Danelec Marine
         Downloads / User Manuals / Entel
         Downloads / User Manuals / Hondex
         Downloads / User Manuals / Iridium
         Downloads / User Manuals / KVH
      North Invent
         Downloads / User Manuals / North Invent
      Saab TransponderTech
         Downloads / User Manuals / Saab Transpontertech
      Sailor by Cobham
         Downloads / User Manuals / Sailor by Thrane & Thrane
   Technical Manuals
         Downloads / Technical Manuals / Danalec
         Downloads / Technical Manuals / Entel
         Downloads / Technical Manuals / Hondex
         Downloads / Technical Manuals / Iridium
         Downloads / Technical Manuals / KVH
      Saab TransponderTech
         Downloads / Technical Manuals / Saab TransponderTech
      Sailor by Cobham
         Downloads / Technical Manuals / Sailor by Cobham
         Downloads / Technical Manuals / SeaLine
         Downloads / Technical Manuals / Sirius
   Tech Notes
         Downloads / Tech Notes / Danelec
         Downloads / Tech Notes / KVH
      Saab TransponderTech
         Downloads / Tech Notes / Saab Transpondertech
      Sailor by Cobham
         Downloads / Tech Notes / Sailor by Cobham
         Downloads / Software/ Danalec
         Downloads / Software/ Entel
         Downloads / Software/ Iridium
         Downloads / Software/ KVH
      Saab TransponderTech
         Downloads / Software/ Saab TransponderTech
      Sailor by Cobham
         Downloads / Software/ Sailor by Thrane & Thrane
         Downloads / Certificates / Danelec
         Downloads / Certificates / Entel
         Downloads / Certificates / Hondex
         Downloads / Certificates / KVH
         Downloads / Certificates / Navcom
      Saab TransponderTech
         Downloads / Certificates / Saab TransponderTech
      Sailor by Cobham
         Downloads / Certificates / Sailor by Thrane & Thrane
   Dangerous Goods
      Dangerous Goods Certificates & Instructions
      DOWNLOAD: SAILOR System 5000 packages for GMDSS Sea Area
      MMSI Application (DK)
         Downloads / MMSI Application (DK)
      GMDSS Sea Area
         Downloads / GMDSS Sea Area
      GMDSS Requirements
         Downloads / GMDSS Requirements

         IRIDIUM Landmobile
         Inmarsat M4/GAN
      Inmarsat B
         Inmarsat B
      Inmarsat C og MiniC
         Inmarsat C and Mini C
         Mini M
         IRIDIUM Maritime
   Subscription papers


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