GMDSS systems for World-wide communication and safety

You can choose just to meet your requirements under the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS), or you can choose to install a sophisticated safety and efficiency enhancing solution at the same time. If the latter sounds more attractive, then choosing SAILOR GMDSS is the right option for you.

More than GMDSS

SAILOR GMDSS products not only help you to meet international safety regulations; they are also designed to offer superb value as daily operational communication tools, because SAILOR GMDSS consoles are based on sophisticated building blocks of the latest VHF, MF/HF and Inmarsat mini-C technology,

You can order a SAILOR GMDSS console in any configuration according to the sea area that your vessel sails in. All components will be pre-installed before they leave the factory, so when your console arrives, installation and integration is a straightforward process. This is also helped by the inclusion of ThraneLINK, our new network protocol, which instantly recognizes all products in the system, and simplifies maintenance significantly.

Pioneering approach – touch screen operation
The latest generation SAILOR GMDSS consoles use a unique touch screen message terminal, which allows the user to access the system from an easy-to-use multi-media style interface. With simple operation, operators can get on with more important aspects of watch-keeping, without being bogged-down by unnecessary buttons and dials.

This is a first in the world of GMDSS and reflects Thrane & Thrane’s pioneering approach to GMDSS and safety communication over the years.

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