EXPLORER ISDN handset is more than just a handset. It enhances your experience of satellite communication with high quality voice and advanced features known from cellular phones.

EXPLORER® ISDN handset gives you access to:

  • Voice calls
  • Text messaging
  • Hands-free operation
  • EXPLORER terminal configuration (EXPLORER 100/110 only)
  • ...and much more

Optimised for users of satellite terminals

The loudspeaker option for hands-free operation is particularly useful in provisional camps. The satellite handset also features a line out interface to connect to standard headsets, external loudspeakers and recording equipment. Similarly, the microphone output allows the EXPLORER ISDN handset to be used with dynamic microphones.

You can easily leave your laptop at home

In addition to address book, call logs and all the functions of a standard ISDN handset, the EXPLORER ISDN handset allows you to read and write text messages. Signal strength and battery status can also be viewed on the display of the handset.

When using the EXPLORER ISDN handset together with an EXPLORER 100/110 you can even configure and control the terminal directly via the handset. Without your laptop you will have access to voice calls and text messaging.

The basics

The EXPLORER ISDN handset can be used with the EXPLORER 100/110 and 700. Only when used together with the EXPLORER 100/110 you will have access to the features described above.


Click here to download the EXPLORER ISDN handset product sheet (PDF)

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