VHF antenna

A161 VHF Antenna 

A 5/8 wawe ground plane antenna. Suitable for fishing/commercial applications designed for mounting on a 27 mm (0.9") pipe.The A161 (GP2M 5/8) can also be supplied for frequency range 146-174 MHz with a cutting chart included and bandwidth is 2% of F.

A151/CX4 VHF Antenna

End-Feed ½ wave coaxial dipol antenna, DC-Short - Antistatic. No groundplane needed. The A151/CX4 has a wide vertical radiation pattern and is suitable for all types of boats.
Frequency Range: 146-162.5 MHz
Maximum Power: 100W
Length: 1.26 m/4'

CELmar0-1 VHF Antenna 

Stainless steel sailboat antenna, suitable for rail or mast mounting.
Frequency Range: 156-162.5 MHz
Maximum Power: 100W
Length: 1.0 m/3'

Download VHF Antenna Type AC CELmar

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