TracPhone V7 Mini VSAT

TracPhone V7 System Highlights

  • Fastest data rates available: up to 512 Kbps upload (ship-to-shore) and up to 2 Mbps download (shore-to-ship)
  • Always-on, flat rate pricing packages ideal for budgeting and setting preferred data rates
  • Cost-effective, per-megabyte rate plans offer complete flixibility in service use andmonthly costs
  • Spread spectrum and CDMA technology previously only available to the military and corporate jet.
  • Outstanding network traffic management
  • Consistent data and network performance
  • Automatic Beam Shifting entering a new Ku-band Spot
  • Easy installation and with built in gyro/GPS.
  • Weight of antenna 27 kg, and a 66 cm dome.
  • Perfect for retrofit installation. No loss of income because of long installation time.
  • One of the markets lowest VoIP calls

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