VHF Radio Communication

When it comes to VHF radio, professional mariners trust SAILOR. VHF is one of the most important safety and operational tools for any professional or leisure vessel, so it is vital that you choose a system designed to work in the often harsh maritime environment

Built to last

SAILOR VHF radios are built to last. Many vessels still depend on SAILOR VHF fitted two decades ago and today's generation offers that same hard-wearing, rugged reliability. Operation, installation possibilities and functionality have certainly moved on though, thanks' to Thrane & Thrane's position as a pioneer in VHF technology.

Take for instance the SAILOR Replay functionality, which stores the previous 240 seconds of communication for the user to recall at the touch of a button. Considering the environments that our radios are used in, this feature has the ability to enhance safety and operations on any vessel.

New technology

Then there is ThraneLINK, our new network protocol developed to enable further integration of communication and safety systems. A SAILOR VHF in a ThraneLINK network can be installed with ease, updated via the internet and be maintained from a single point of entry, helping you to save time and money in servicing.

Feature rich and rugged, we have also ensured that there is a SAILOR VHF for everybody; from a standard workhorse radio through to DSC, GMDSS, FCC and ATEX. Everything from oil & gas platforms, offshore vessels and tankers to fishing vessels, superyachts and leisure boats set sail with SAILOR VHF radios on board.

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