Fleet Tracking

As a professional fleet tracking/management application, LocPoint Marine handles alarms from SSAS. The Unix based system offers extremely flexible, secure and reliable administration and routing of the alarm signals.

Security at this level is a serious matter. To meet the rising demands and to ensure our customers the utmost safety and reliability, LocPoint Marine - in connection with SSAS - can be configured only with Inmarsat-C units from the world´s leader in satellite communication - Thrane/Sailor.
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LocPoint Marine is the only web based fleet tracking system certified by Thrane & Thrane in connection with TT-3000SSA Capsat Ship Security Alert System.
The TT-3000SSA Capsat Ship Security Alert System is based upon the well-known and reliable Inmarsat-C service, known for its unique role in maritime safety and for more than a decade an integral part of the IMO's GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System). It has been developed in co-operation with Thrane & Thrane to supply customers with a system that fulfils the new SOLAS requirements from IMO (International Maritime Organisation).
Thrane & Thrane offers full support by the global distributor and partner network, with more than 10 years experience in delivery, installation and support of Inmarsat-C

LocPoint Marine WEB

LocPoint Marine can be used with any available web browser, which gives maximum flexibility in connection with location and workplace arrangements.

The system, which operates on the Unix platform, has an advanced group division of units and users. This makes it possible to define users limits in their access to certain groups of units. Consequently, customers and cooperators can be admitted to use the system or sections of it.
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LocPoint Marine positions and communicates mainly via Inmarsat. The administrator or authourized users configure their own planning of positioning, alarms and reports to be distributed. The various waypoint groups are administered according to the rights of the users.

LocPoint Marine handles various types of alarms - among them alarms from SSAS (Ship Security Alert System). The administrator can direct the alarms to one or more recipients according to the nature of the alarm, actual conditions and where in the world the ship may be operating. This makes the system an extremely powerful tool in various areas as f.i.: 

  • Commercial shipping
  • Port- and harbour operations
  • Survey and maintenance of waterways
  • Environmental services
  • Goverment- and maritime authourities
  • Maritime security

LocPoint Marine can, f.i. in connection with port- and harbour operations, survey and maintenance, operate maritime- as well as landmobile units within the same application. This can be done irrespective of the method of communication - Inmarsat, GSM or other communication methods can be used.

The system offers a total view and optinum reliability and security.

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