Sailor 6350 MF/HF Class A 500W

MF/HF Radio Communication 
For any vessel sailing international trading routes or working offshore, an MF/HF radio is a vital piece of equipment as it offers long range radio communication. MF/HF radios are also a part of GMDSS, so many vessels are required to install a system under international safety regulations.

Safety and operational communication
When you choose a SAILOR MF/HF though, you are not just meeting regulations; you are installing a powerful tool that will support your crews in day-to-day, safe and efficient operation.

The range comprises 150W, 250W and 500W systems (150W also with an FCC approved variant), which are suitable for use aboard all vessel types, whether for approved GMDSS use or not.

Built for the maritime environment

All radios have been designed and developed to cope with the demand for reliable communication and safety equipment at sea. Ease of use and high performance are important factors, especially in critical situations where equipment must be easy to operate.

SAILOR MF/HF systems can be used standalone or as part of a complete SAILOR GMDSS solution, featuring high quality SAILOR VHF and mini-C, in consoles for all sea areas. The Radio telex option can be operated via the unique touch screen SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal, which also enables access to all systems in the SAILOR GMDSS network through a user-friendly multi-media style interface.

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